Everybody Is Awful (Except You) with Jim Florentine

Here is an encore of Jim's New Year's Eve is a waste of time rant

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Jim doesn't understand the slogan "I'm Lovin' it."

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Jim talks bad baby names and how parents are naming their kids after their favorite TV show characters

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Jim talks about his friend--the late great guitarist from Pantera--Dimebag Darrell on the eve of the 10th anniversary of his death

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Jim once again goes through the drivel that's posted on Facebook

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Jim once again goes through the drivel that's posted on Facebook

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Jim rips apart words like Fur Babies, Derp, Adorbs, Caturday, Blunch, Mansplaining and more

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Jim rails on commercials with animals and babies talking and white people doing a goofy dance

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Jim rips apart personal license plates like GUSTANG, UGOGURL, FREETOS and more

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Jim doesn't get the whole pumpkin spice craze along with pumpkin picking and adults dressing up for Halloween

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Jim tells stories about his awful camping trips

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Jim rips apart people who drive around with their goofty personalized license plates

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Jim talks to his low life comic friend Artie abuot his degenerate ways. If you like Gary from Fla you will like this guy too


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Jim Interviews Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton and Ritchie Faulkner from Judas Priest about their latest CD and the history of the band.

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Jim talks about his days working Landscaping and getting fired for putting Ben Gay on his bosses seat.

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Jim explains how the NFL once again will get out of yet another scandal because they act like the Mob

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Jim rips apart silly Facebook posts like: If I had one superpower I would want to be able to hem pants in a single thought

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Jim makes his predictions and talks about issues in the upcoming NFL season including Micahel Sam, Johnny Manziel and Bon Jovi trying to buy the Bills

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Jim talks about how most people are just dumping water on their heads for attention

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Jim talks about depression and the death of his ex-girlfriend by suicide

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Jim rips apart The Wave, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Guys who Bring Their Gloves, Crackerjacks and More

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Jim rips on slang words like Ussies, Swolemate, Bae, Sesh, Hump Day and many more

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Jim continues about his tales and adventures of his strip club days

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Jim tells tales and adventures of his strip club days

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Jim tells stories from his early 20's about pulling pranks on his fellow construction workers

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Jim talks about how driving to go see fireworks is a waste of time

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Jim talks to comics Gary Menke and Chad Zumock about different ways they don't pay for anything

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Jim once again goes through the drivel that is posted on Facebook

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Jim goes through the drivel that people post and rips them apart

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Gary from Florida returns with a story about picking up a Waffle House waitress and more stories about his debaucherous lifestyle

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Jim berates his nephew over his sports superstitions and romantic comedies

Jim won't pull over so his friend Joe Howard can go to the bathroom. Also featuring Chad Zumock.

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Gary from Florida tells the story of having sex with his girlfriend's mom when he was 17

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Jim rips on slang words like Selfie, Jelly, Whatevs, Assclown, Bros Before Hoes and many more

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Jim and his comic friends sit around and talk about their hatred of various topics

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Jim and Dean Delray interview ex Rock Wives Bobbie Brown, Sharise Neil. Also on the show is Gilby Clarke, Chris Kael, Ritchie Kotzen, and Mickey Finn. The show was a live podcast on stage at the Laugh Factory in LA

Jim goes through a bunch of terrible names like Decklyn, Aiden, Spencer and Colt and explains why their dumb parents picked those goofy names

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Jim interviews old friend and comedian Joe Matarese about his new web series and snapping on hecklers on stage

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Don Jamieson and Eddie Trunk join the podcast to discuss Don's gas on a recent plane ride

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Jim comments on awful Facebook posts like Goodnight Facebook and Facebook you piss me off so much!!!

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Jim and comic Joe Howard go through TV and movies that amazingly Jim has never and has no interest in seeing

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Jim interviews hard rock legend Rudy Sarzo about his days playing with Ozzy, Dio, Quiet Riot and Whitesnake

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Jim talks about his time growing up in Florida and all of the crazy insane people he came across

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Jim rails against these walking zombies that are addicted to their phones and can't be without them

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Jim talks about the absurdity that the NFL wants to throw a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty on players that use the n-word on the field of play

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Jim voices his disdain for words like Fro Yo, Deets, Beast Mode, Face Palm, Brekky and more

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Jim's despicable, obnoxious but lovable friend Gary talks about his sex life in graphic detail

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Jim goes through a bunch of words that soon will be taboo because of the politically correct

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Jim rails on all the people who start trouble when they are offended by something

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Jim does his Podcast in front of a live crowd in San Diego with Comics Don Jamieson and Dean Delray

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Live podcast from the Improv in Hollywood, CA with Sebastian Bach, Billy Sheehan and Damone from Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Rock producer Ross Robinson, Monte Pittman, Don Jamieson and Dean Delray

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Jim comments on silly Facebook posts

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