Everybody Is Awful (Except You) with Jim Florentine

Jim talks about all the drama that goes with going out on New Year's Eve

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Jim rips the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and goofs on fans that are in the Kiss Army

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Jim rails against people who are obsessed with talking about the weather

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Jim talks to David Lee Roth about groupies, threesomes and assless chaps

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Jim replays his Black Friday podcast on the 1 year anniversary of its premiere

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Jim finds corny Facebook posts and tears them to shreds

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Jim records his first podcast in front of a live audience with Tim Ripper Owens, and comics Joe Howard and Chad Zumock

Jim discusses how by the NFL trying to get the game to appeal to everyone they wind up with this being national news

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Jim gets heckled at a show and then the crowd turns on him

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Jim interviews David Lee Roth

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Jim has a good solution for anyone who feels bad that the Redskins name is offensive

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Jim interviews Metallica

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Jim breaks down superstitions and compares them to fairy tales

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Jim and Don Jamieson sit with club owner Craig Glazer and discuss women

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Jim rails against the NFL for delaying games because of the Weather

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Jim finds every NFL team name offensive

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Jim wants the NSA to stop illegally spying and the US to stay the fuck out of Syria

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Jim reviews the upcoming 2013 NFL Football season

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Jim interviews Jason Newsted along with the rest of his band in front of a live audience

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Jim rips apart words like Hundy, Babymoon, LMAO and Ressies

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Jim rants about the TSA and United Airlines

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Jim rips apart new slang words lke selfie and foodie

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Annoying things people do in the gym

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Jim's tour bus driver Eric tells some great stories about the road.

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Jim breaks down all the stupid shit people do while shopping

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Jim breaks down relationship drama

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Jim rips apart selfish brides, bad weddings and bad music played at weddings by a DJ

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Jim goes off on any slogan that rhymes or is just plain corny

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Jim hates the Cashier up sell and destroys the Dunkin Donuts and Radio Shack awful catch phrases

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Jim talks about his prank calls and hidden camera pranks that have almost landed him in jail.

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Parents that don't realize their kids stink in sports and in life

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Jim and comic Dean Delray discuss things people do that piss them off at concerts

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Jim goes off on how banks are just like the airlines now with all of their hidden fees.

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Jim, Chad Zumock and Joe Howard discuss how being the "Good Friend" to chicks is torture

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Jim goes off about how overrated a GPS unit is.

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Jim goes off on the Masters and Golf and his dirtbag friend Gary is back with more sex stories.

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Jim goes off on Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's.

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Jim talks about how Man Caves are for guys who let their Wives take over the whole house.

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Jim goes off on how bad radio is these days

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Jim discusses what would happen in the NFL if there was a gay star player

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Jim and Comic friend Eric McMahon talk about the early days of their comedy careers.

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Jim describes what makes a bad driver

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Jim talks about his feelings for Valentines Day

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Jim interviews Heavy Metal legend Robb Flynn from Machine Head

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Jim talks about the Super Bowl, the silly halftime show and all the lame commercials.

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Jim goes over his set of jokes that he performed at the Dee Snider Roast.

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Jim talks to a Naturopathic Doctor about the dangers of most Prescription Meds and other natural ways to cure ailments.

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Scott Ferrall describes his wild ride and the ups and downs in his radio career. 

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Jim and comic Geno Bisconte discuss meeting for the first time and the NFL

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