Everybody Is Awful (Except You) with Jim Florentine

Jim and his brother mess with scalpers outside a Rolling Stones Concert 

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Newtown, CT and Guns In America

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Jim once again thinks NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is an ass

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Danko Jones talks about opening up for Guns N Roses, Motorhead, and Nickleback!

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Jim and Don Jamieson bitch about their recent Plane and Ferry rides

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Jim explains his hatred of Black Friday and how no one should get Christmas gifts

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Jim finally breaks down and gets an iPhone and Jim thinks no man should have a Facebook page

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Jim introduces Butterflyradio.com and interviews Chris Kael from the band Five Finger Death Punch.

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Jim talks with Gary about his recent sexual encounters

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Jim is disgusted by the choice of Beyonce doing Super Bowl halftime show

Jim talks about run ins with hotel maids and awful hotel experiences

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Jim interviews his childhood friend about his insane sexual behavior.

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Jim and Don mess with a local comedian backstage about his material

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Jim talks about the success of his new CD and his hatred towards Fantasy Football

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Jim previews his new comedy cd Awful Jokes From My First Comedy Notebook and talks about the upcoming NFL season.

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Jim talks about Dave Mustaine and other conspiracy theories.

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Jim talks about That Metal Show tapings, meeting Johnny Depp and a crybaby fat guy

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The stage in a comedy club is no longer safe.

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Jim Norton talks about his new comedy special

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Jim talks about wasting two hours of his life watching Rock of Ages movie

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Jim talks to his friend and healer gypsy about life

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Jim is still in love with his Blackberry and refuses to upgrade to an iPhone

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Jim attends the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Awards and gives his report

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Jim is disgusted by a comedy club menu and certain phrases

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Jim has a run in with a limo driver and more

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Jim does a recap of the Superbowl and reviews the new Van Halen CD

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Hear Jim's jokes from the roast.

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Part Two: Jim does his podcast from an Exclusive Van Halen concert in NYC

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Jim does his podcast from an Exclusive Van Halen show in NYC

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