Everybody Is Awful (Except You) with Jim Florentine

Jim chats with Rudy Sarzo, John 5, Ripper Owen and Glenn Hughes

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Jim talks about the death of friend and comedian Patrice O'Neal

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Jim and Don Jamieson sit down for an interview with front man Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed

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Jim, Don and Eddie landed an on camera interview with legend Axl Rose

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Jim talks about the making of his new CD/DVD Cringe and Purge

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Awful jokes from my first comedy notebook in 1992

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Jim sees Metalica at Yankee Stadium

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Jim interviews a girl who likes smelly balls

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Jim talks about his power being out for 5 days due to hurricane Irene

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Jim performs at Roverfest in Cleveland

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Here is the rest of Jim's interview with Corey Taylor

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Jim talks about the highlights of upcoming guests of Season 8 that premieres August 20th

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Jim rips the commissioner and Brett Favre

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Jim interviews Corey Taylor on his new book Seven Deadly Sins

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Hacky airplane jokes

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Brian talks about discovering Metallica and the state of the music industry.

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Jim tells stories about his buddy Don Jamieson's gas

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Jim interviews Nick at the Comedy Cellar in NYC

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Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson talk about awful sports cliches

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Jim and Jim talk about their creepy past together

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Jim and comedian Joe Howard talking baseball drunk at a Reds Game

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Jim podcasts with comedian Robert Kelly

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Jim interviews female comedian Amy Schumer about her new cd

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Jim interviews longtime friend Don Jamieson about his new cd

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Jim interviews Legendary Comedian/Ventriloquist Otto n George

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Jim Florentine talks about a prank he pulled with Don Jamieson on a talkshow host. 20 seconds of the audio from the talkshow was cut off on the original

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Jim interviews bass legend Rudy Sarzo

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Jim talks about the superbowl

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