Jim Florentine's 'Comedy Metal Midgets'

Jim dissects customers bad yelp reviews 

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Jim Previews the Upcoming NFL Season

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Worst Bride Ever

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Jim goes through a bunch of dating profiles and comments on them. 

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Awful 80's Songs

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Gary From Fla resurfaces and joins Jim on his friends podcast.

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Jim rants about the police lip sync challenge, KiKi Challenge, 5K charity races and more. 

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Jim dissects people's complaints on Yelp

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Jim dissects bad Facebook posts

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Papa John is an Asshole and other Random Thoughts

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Jim talks about awful sayings like "Slide into my DM's", mantastic and more.

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Jim dissects a bunch of corny personalized license plates

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Jim dissects people complaining on Yelp

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Jim talks about Chris Hardwick, Lisa Lampanelli and guys that can't get laid

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Jim tries to make sense of some trendy slang words

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