Jim Florentine's 'Comedy Metal Midgets'

Jim interviews his Mother about his childhood and why he is the way he is

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Jim rants on bad Xmas sweaters online slide shows, Greg Hardy and more

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Jim tries to make sense of dumb personalized plates

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Jim rants on random stuff like his disdain for Periscope, Wine And Paint Parties, Stick Figure Family Stickers and more

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Jim rips on the latest slang words people use

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Jim rips apart shirts like: I like Yoga. Just kidding I drink wine in my yoga pants.

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Jim interviews Alice Cooper Guitarist Nita Strauss

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Jim picks apart the unnecessary drivel that is posted on Facebook

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Gary From Fla returns once again to talk about his insane life

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Jim rants on fantasy team names like Brady Gaga, Party Like A Gronk Star and more

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