Jim Florentine's 'Comedy Metal Midgets'


Jim talks about the fascination adults have with eating food that kids eat like cookies, candy bars, MnM's, French Fries and more

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Jim rips on dumb plates like BOWBE4ME, IMSOLATE, IB SASY, LMFAO and more

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Jim interviews his 4 1/2 year old son about what they do when they hang out, music and farts

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Jim discusses why you should never ever be a cockblocker

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Jim rips apart words like Broga, Snowfie, Bevi, Hubster and more.

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Jim tell stories about his different concert experiences over the years.

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Jim rips on sappy Valentine's Day posts

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Jim once again goes through the drival that is posted on Facebook

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Jim rips on the awful halftime performance and the terrible commercials from the Super Bowl

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A sober Gary From Fla talks about real issues instead of the usual anal talk

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