Jim Florentine's 'Comedy Metal Midgets'

Jim tells tales and adventures of his strip club days

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Jim tells stories from his early 20's about pulling pranks on his fellow construction workers

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Jim talks about how driving to go see fireworks is a waste of time

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Jim talks to comics Gary Menke and Chad Zumock about different ways they don't pay for anything

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Jim once again goes through the drivel that is posted on Facebook

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Jim goes through the drivel that people post and rips them apart

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Gary from Florida returns with a story about picking up a Waffle House waitress and more stories about his debaucherous lifestyle

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Jim berates his nephew over his sports superstitions and romantic comedies

Jim won't pull over so his friend Joe Howard can go to the bathroom. Also featuring Chad Zumock.

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Gary from Florida tells the story of having sex with his girlfriend's mom when he was 17

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